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At C9 Sensual Massage Studio in Durbanville, Cape Town, our specialty lies in the Sensual Massage that we offer. We have unmatched fully-serviced massage rooms equipped with shower facilities that allow individuals to rejuvenate themselves on their arrival and departure. All our Sensual Massage treatments incorporate EVERY area of your body being massaged and your elated pleasure being the ultimate destination.

We are neither a brothel nor an escort agency and avoid offering sexual services. We respect our clients' privacy at all times.


Appointment Only

Your utmost privacy is of great importance to us, which is why we go the extra mile when it comes to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of each client. By being discreet and careful while massaging our esteemed clients sensually, we not only help them feel rejuvenated but also confident.

Trading Hours : Monday- Sunday : 10:00 – 19:00
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How does it feel like indulging in the epitome of luxurious sensual massages at C9 - the leading Massage Studio in Durbanville, Cape Town? Our highly skilled and professionally trained massage therapists are available at both locations: Windhoek and Cape Town. Our expert team comprising C9 masseuses is adept at the art of sensual massage, ensuring a seamless and unequaled experience that will surely leave a positive impression. For us, your privacy and discretion play a significant role, assuring you of accurate descriptions of our beautiful masseuses. Reach out to us now to book a sensual massage at the hands of Massage Therapists in Durbanville, Cape Town.


Embark on a journey of pure delight with our ravishing Amber as she treats your mind and body exquisitely with her fantastic Sensual Massage. Allow yourself to be pampered and transported to extreme heights of pleasure you may not have reached before. At C9 Sensual Massage Studio, you have the option to elevate your experience with either the Foot Fetish indulgence or the addition of a Prostate massage. Book your massage session now and our hot Amber at our Cape Town branch for a memorable encounter.


  • The Basic Nude Sensual Massage
  • The Nuru Body-to-Body Sensual Massage
  • The Mutual Touch Sensual Massage
  • The Double Fantasy Sensual Massage
  • The Man on the Run Sensual Massage
  • The Sensual Couples Massage
  • The Sensual Prostate Massage


Our Massage Therapists in Durbanville, Cape Town establish boundaries during massages, please comply with them. C9 operates stringently by appointment, ensuring utmost privacy and discretion. We are neither a brothel nor an escort agency and avoid offering sexual services.

All our Sensual Massage treatments include full body massages and finish with an exhilarated climax. Prices range from R795 to R 1395. We accept cash and card payments (we charge a 5% service fee on card transactions).

The Nuru Body to Body Sensual Massage

Indulge in our renowned Nuru Body to Body Sensual Massage, one of our Erotic Nude Massages Durbanville, Cape Town. Originating from Kawasaki, Japan, this massage is an enthralling Japanese erotic massage technique. This phenomenal ancient practice offers an unmatched sensation, with your beautiful massage therapist gliding and intertwining her body with yours in a smooth exchange.

While your massage therapist welcomes your soothing touch, kindly abstain from accessing her pelvic region. However, you are free to touch her body, including her breasts and buttocks, as you both take the plunge into euphoric pleasure.

The Man on the Run Sensual Massage

The C9 ‘Man on the Run’ offers the greatest satisfaction for the successful, busy man on the go. It’s a blissful 30-minute retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, traffic jams, and day-to-day pressures. This massage is ideal for the gentleman who seeks a swift escape from traffic or between meetings, or simply to loosen up and release stress. It is time to step away from the rat race to enjoy a moment of elated relaxation. This no-touch, straight-up sensual massage focuses on relieving one’s stress without any unwanted frills, providing profound and satisfying release.

This the perfect slip away for the busy gentleman, who wants to skip the traffic, between meetings, or wanting to release some tension.

Escape from the rate race, for a blissful exotic moment. Alleviates all of your tensions, with an intense and pleasurable release. The emphasis on straight up no touch sensual massage with a no frills stress release

The Mutual Touch Sensual Massage

Pamper yourself in the intense pleasure of our Mutual Touch Sensual Massage, where the boundaries between the giver and the recipient soften into a harmony of shared sensation. This immersive experience invites both partners not only to explore but delight in the art of sensual touch, fostering a deep connection and intense rejuvenation. With mutual consent and respect, loosen up in the exploration of each other’s bodies, kindling passion and sparking the senses in a journey of mutual delight.

The Couples Massage is based on mutual respect. The Masseuse determines the borders during the Massage!

The Double Fantasy Sensual Massage

Spoil yourself in the Double Trouble Sensual Massage, where satisfaction knows no bounds. Fulfill your innermost desires with two stunning nude massage therapists who double the pleasure and boost the C9 experience. This awe-inspiring mutual erotic massage revives mind, body, and soul, as the empowering tantra energy from both masseuses surrounds you in sheer euphoria. With four delicate hands guiding you, expect multiple peaks before reaching the ultimate climax, leaving you with complete C9 satisfaction.

The Basic Nude Sensual Massage

Experience a Basic Nude Massage session at C9, the top Massage Studio in Durbanville, Cape Town, where our gorgeous massage therapists stimulate you in the most natural way possible - completely undressed. Our Nude Tantric-inspired sensual massage incorporates the entire body, guiding you seamlessly toward a blissful climax. Kindly note that touching is not permitted in this treatment. It ensures a purely natural encounter.

No touching is allowed in this treatment performed naturally naked.

The Couples Sensual Massage

Embark on an adventure of discovery together as partners with our 60- or 90-minute Couples Sensual Massage in Durbanville, Cape Town. This amazing experience enables you to intimately establish a connection with your partner on various levels (physical, mental, and spiritual). Couples massage sessions have the potential to amplify and lengthen your intimacy. By taking the plunge into the eroticism of shared massage, you can rekindle passion and activate sensual energies.

Before you book the massage session, we advise you to discuss boundaries and expectations with your massage therapist to ensure a mutually respectful experience. Don’t forget that the massage therapist sets the boundaries during the massage.


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