Frequently Ask Questions

  • Name of the Service
  • Time and Day
  • Availability
  • Therapist’s Name: If You Have a Preference

An hour in advance.

  • Think About Pressure
  • A lighter pressure may be the best massage for stress and relaxation, while a deeper pressure may be more invigorating. It’s important to choose a massage therapist who can adjust the pressure to your liking. If you prefer a lighter touch, be sure to let your therapist know.

Yes you do.

No, not at all

Yes, 18years.

You’ll feel a sense of peace and calm.

Only, Unstable hypertension or high blood pressure, Contagious diseases such as the cold or flu, a significant fever, and/or recent surgery avoided.

Booking rules:
Do Arrive early for your appointment.

Cancelation policy:
A percentage of the total cost of service will charge if the cancellation is not made.

Some skin conditions such as severe acne, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores and open sores prevent a massage treatment to minimise the risk of more severe conditions developing.